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Taylor Momsen’s cover shoot for “Nylon” magazine (Mexico) set to be released in May!
Posted on: March 30, 2013 by Rogger
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Taylor Momsen’s most anticipated cover shoot for “Nylon” magazine (Mexico cover) 2013 will be released/published in May 2013, Taylor Daily can confirm.

Previews are not going to be published, but we can expect some really good shots, according to the photographer. About the cover release date for Singapore, Russia and United States – news are still unknown.

UPDATED: The release date for Singapore has been revealed: June/July! There will be a cover in Indonesia out in May (along with Mexico cover), according to the photographer.

Special thanks to Saulo Villela (who photographed Taylor Momsen) for the tip! If you want to know more about him and his job, click the following links:


Taylor Momsen poses for a ‘Wizard Amplification’ photoshoot
Posted on: March 23, 2013 by Rogger
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Photographer Chelsie Vuorensyrja (specializing in commercial and portrait photography) has revealed a new beautiful photo of Taylor Momsen posing for a ‘Wizard Amplification Inc.‘ photoshoot. Click the banner to see the image in high quality! She looks amazing.

We hope to see more pictures soon…

Questions & Answers with Taylor Momsen
Posted on: March 21, 2013 by Rogger
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As previously reported, Taylor took her official twitter page to answer some fan questions. She was so sweet while answering them all. There were questions from everything, including about the new album and upcoming tour dates. Also, the hashtag #taylormomsenTPR was a worldwide trending topic, that was awesome! Zombies did a great job one more time.

Scroll down to read the most interesting questions and answers. To read all the questions & answers, click here.

Q: What about your new album?
A: the hurricane really fucked us during the making of the new record, but a new song is coming soon…

Q: —-
A: @jackiexoh we’ll be announcing new shows soon, and we’ll definitely be playing NYC.

Q: are you coming to Brazil this year?
A: We’ll definitely be coming back to Brazil and all of South America as soon as possible

Q: Whats your favorite part of going on tour?
A: playing for the fans

Q: What you have to say about the songs on the new album?
A: We’re still putting together the details on new record, it will speak for itself ;)

Q: clothing line?
A: I’m working on a line of custom clothing…we’ll see what happens…

Q: your favorite rock band #taylormomsenTPR Russia loves you
A: I love Russia…and the Beatles…can’t wait to play Moscow again

Q: do you like drugs?
A: depends on the day…depends on the drug ha

Q: How old are Ben, Jamie and Mark?
A: older than me and younger than a vampire

Q: Something that really pisses you off?
A: missing my own Q&A

Q: Will you come to Turkey? #taylormomsenTPR Turkey loves you
A: I’ve been to Istanbul, hope to go back soon, love to Memet!

Q: if you could be invisible for a day what would you do?
A: rob a bank

Q: will TPR come to Poland this year?
A: we’re going to tour around the world this year

Q: Did you ever come to Holland?
A: LOVE Holland

Q: What you have to say about pop music?
A: pop music is like McDonalds, its ok once and a while but you don’t want to eat it every day

Q: How long did it take you to grow your hair so long?! Its seriously amazing.
A: takes forever

Q: if you could be someone else, who would you be?
A: no one, we should all want to be ourselves

Q: Will you come back to Spain?
A: we’ll definitely be coming back to Spain, love it

Q: have you got any gigs in the uk any time soon?
A: everything is being worked out now, but I hope to do a full UK tour asap..

Q: what is the song you are currently listening to most?
A: the new TPR songs ;)

Q: Have you ever googled yourself?
A: not in a long time, I already know who I am, why would I google myself? ;)

Q: What do you think about Kurt Cobain?
A: I think he shouldn’t have killed himself, music needs him right about now

Q: what do you think about oasis?
A: one of my favorites

Q: Do you have any advices to have more self-confident?
A: what other people think or say about you is none of your business, so you shouldn’t care ;)

Q: What do ya think about people who’s cutting yourself’s?
A: What do ya think about people who’s cutting yourself’s?

Q: how u write ‘u make me wanna die’?
A: drunk…

Q: are the new songs heavier?
A: the new songs are definitely more raw and definitely more rock

Q: city ??where you would like to come back?
A: all of them, I want to rock the entire world

Q: about Jamie’s hair, as can be so fuck?
A: jamie’s hair is awesome, it has its own apartment

Q: Did you fuck with Marilyn Manson?
A: I did not fuck manson, no one fucks manson, manson fucks you, ha

Q: What’s your favorite place on earth?
Q: everywhere and NYC

Ask Taylor Momsen a question!
Posted on: March 20, 2013 by Rogger
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After a long time with no “connection” with her fans, Taylor Momsen finally took her twitter to announce a Questions & Answers session this Wednesday, March 20th, set to starts at 12pm EST. You can ask her questions about the new album, new songs, tour dates and upcoming projects. You do not want to miss that!

P.S: remember to include the hashtag #taylormomsenTPR while asking her your questions.

New Nylon Korea and Samantha Thavasa Photoshoot Outtakes
Posted on: February 02, 2013 by Courtney
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We have added three brand new outtakes from Taylor’s photoshoot for Nylon Korea back in 2011, and two new outtakes from the Samantha Thavasa campaign to the gallery. Check them out by clicking on the banner, Taylor looks stunning as always.